We are determined to meet your contraception and sexual health requirements during the Coronavirus pandemic and any periods of lock down.

PHASE 4 The clinic is continuing to run a system of telephone triage and consultations in order to reduce face to face contacts which risk virus spread. This is for everyone’s safety. Please ensure we have an up to date contact number. There will be situations where patients will need to attend clinic and we will be asking if you have any Coronavirus symptoms of if you are currently self isolating.

Our staff are available during our normal opening hours and we would request that you contact us by phone, text or email for advice. We will make every effort to ensure you receive the help and advice that you need and we aim to respond to your queries by the next working day.

Current Services

Under 25 Self testing Packs– these are available for free for anyone under 25 yrs old. If you have symptoms or have been in contact with a partner with a known STI then please contact the clinic.

Smear Tests– We are now performing free routine smear tests for anyone whose smear is due or overdue. For more information about cervical screening visit our Cervical Screening page.

Pregnancy Testing and Advice –  contact the clinic to arrange to collect a free test kit or for an appointment, alternatively test kits can be purchased from pharmacies . Please contact us to arrange a telephone consultation with one of our doctors or nurses to arrange ongoing contraception if negative or advice if your test is positive. The counsellor is available via mobile phone Counsellor Info


Emergency Contraception – please contact the clinic and we will get back to you as a matter of priority to arrange a telephone consultation with one of our nurses to discuss your needs. We continue to offer emergency contraception pills and the emergency IUD. We can also arrange for you to start contraception and supply pregnancy and STI testing kits along with guidance on their use. Alternatively you can obtain emergency contraception from most pharmacies and also via your GP.

Repeat Contraception – phone, text or email the clinic if you are running out of your pills, mini pills (POP), patches or vaginal rings. It is very helpful if you are able to check your blood pressure and weight at home to give readings to clinic staff however we are now able to offer face to face appointments again. We will be able to issue supplies for you to collect or you can send a friend or family member if you are unwell or in self-isolation.

PLEASE do NOT attend the clinic if you have any symptoms or have be told to self isolate.

Starting Contraception – please contact the clinic to arrange a telephone consultation if you would like to start or change your contraception. We are now able to offer all options. Our nurses and doctors will discuss your needs over the phone and you will either be able to collect your contraception from the clinic or will be offered a face to face appointment.

Depo- Provera injections– we are now giving depo injections and also teaching Sayana Press self administration. Please contact the clinic to book an appointment.

Routine Procedures- We are now able to fit, replace or remove implants and IUD’s. Please contact the clinic if your device has expired or you are experiencing any symptoms or complications or to book a telephone consultation and appointment slot for your procedure.

If you are currently self isolating and unable to attend please be reassured that:

  • Mirena or Levosert 5 year hormonal IUS– current guidance shows that these are highly effective for up to 6 years but protection can be topped up with either condoms or the progesterone only pill also known as the ‘mini pill’ or POP. Contact the clinic if you would like to arrange additional contraception.
  • Copper IUD – 5 year IUD’s can be left for 6 years and 10 year IUD’s for up to 12 years with the addition of condoms or POP.
  • Nexplanon 3 year Implant– newest medical evidence shows that this is effective for up to 4 years. Protection can be boosted with the POP or condoms until your implant can be replaced. Contact the clinic as above.

Contraception Problems – If you are having problems with your contraception, such as pain or bleeding, missing IUD threads or other symptoms please contact the clinic to book a telephone consultation with the nurse or doctor.

Condoms – these are available free for collection during clinic opening hours from the landing outside the clinic door.

Sexual Health

If you don’t have any symptoms but would like a routine screening then please contact the clinic for a telephone consultation and to arrange an appointment. Self Testing Packs are free to collect for Under 25’s and appointments are available for blood tests. Condoms are available free from clinic or from the Orchard Centre.

If you have symptoms, have had a positive result or have had sexual contact with someone with an STI then please contact the clinic to arrange a telephone consultation and any treatment and advice you may need. Alternatively you can contact the Orchard Centre on 707707 or via their FaceBook page message system ‘Orchard Live’ available Friday mornings.

If you have been sexually assaulted then please contact the police Public Protection Unit, Choices or the Orchard Centre for advice and support.


Sex and Coronavirus– is it still safe to have sex during the pandemic? How do I reduce the risk of spreading or acquiring the virus during sex? Read this useful guide: sex and coronavirus advice


We will continue to update this page as the situation evolves but please text, phone or email if you have any contraception and sexual health questions or concerns.

Last updated 6.6.2020