Domestic abuse and child abuse can affect all genders, ages and sexualities from all walks of life. There are different types of abuse and not all abuse is sexual or physical. Abuse can be emotional and psychological, financial, stalking and harassment, coercive control and neglect. The signs can be subtle and abusers can make you think the problems are your fault.

If you have been or are currently being affected or you are worried about a family or child please see the following links

Safer Domestic Abuse Helpline 257652 Help and support to victims of domestic abuse of any gender or sexuality.

Refuge 24 hour helpline 721999. Out reach and place of safety for any gender or sexuality.

Victim Support 713000 Emotional and practical support for victims of crime, witnesses of crime or anyone seeking help for a friend or relative who has been a victim of crime. Free, confidential service regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police or not or when it happened.

Safer Moving On Counselling If you have experienced domestic abuse, sexual assault or rape, you can access free counselling. Please phone their confidential phone line for more information 07781 133321 (voice mail).

Public Protection Unit (PPU) 719419 or Guernsey Police 725111 Call 999 in an emergency

Child Protection If you are worried about a child, you should contact the Multi-Agency Support Hub  by calling 723182 or click here. An Emergency Duty Team is also available out of hours by calling the Hospital switchboard on 725241 and asking for the Emergency Duty Team to report a child protection emergency. The Guernsey Police can be contacted by calling 725111 at any time of the day or night.

If a child is at risk of immediate harm, call Police on 999.