Choices provides a holistic service that helps individuals to make positive choices to support their sexual and reproductive health.

Some women have difficulty adjusting to the sense of loss which may follow an abortion, especially if they have not had the opportunity to think and talk about things beforehand. Feelings of grief, anger, or guilt may be difficult to express to family or friends. The experienced staff at Choices and the counselling service offer support and a safe space to talk through and explore your feelings in a non-judgemental and unbiassed way.

If you would like to arrange a free appointment to talk things through with the counsellor in confidence, please call 07781125942 or email

If you have experienced domestic abuse, sexual assault or rape:

Whatever your gender or sexuality, you can access free counselling through Safer Moving On Counselling. Please phone the Safer confidential phone line for more information 01481 721999.

Useful Contacts

Emergency help:

Guernsey Police 999

Guernsey Women’s Refuge 24 hour helpline:

01481 721999
Out reach and place of safety for any gender or sexuality.

Safer Domestic Abuse 24 Hour Helpline

01481 721999
Help and support to victims of domestic abuse of any gender or sexuality.

Victim Support

01481 223000
Emotional and practical support for victims of crime, witnesses of crime or anyone seeking help for a friend or relative who has been a victim of crime. Free, confidential service regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police or not or when it happened.

LGBT+ issues

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