Our vision is:

A Bailiwick where every pregnancy is wanted, every person is free from sexually transmitted infections and everyone has the CHOICE to be sexually active without coercion


This week clinic staff have been having our annual cervical screening training. We’re able to screen anyone who is eligible if you’ve never had a smear or are due your routine repeat screening. It is best to avoid having your smear around the time of your period and to stop using any vaginal creams or pessaries at least 5 days before your test. If you have any concerns or questions then please contact us. Smears are FREE in the Bailiwick.

Click here for more information about Cervical Screening and HPV and Vaccination

Please note- you are eligible for a smear test if you are aged between 25-65yrs old and have a cervix- that includes all women who’ve not had a total hysterectomy, transmen who’ve not had lower surgery and intersex people. Smear’s are recommended even if you are not sexually active.

Please contact the clinic by email info@choices.gg or telephone on 714954 or call or text 07781 103434 during opening hours. We aim to respond within 48 hours and please call rather than email if your problem is urgent. 

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CORRECTIONFREE STI testing packs are only available to 16-24 year olds

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