News for Mirena Users

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Great news for users of the Mirena intrauterine device- the licence for contraception has now been extended to 8 years. This makes it a very cost effective long term option that is highly effective at preventing pregnancy, with a low failure rate. If fitted over the age of 45, it can be used until contraception is no longer needed, usually age 55 years in the UK. The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health has extended this guidance to the other 52mg hormonal IUD’s, Levosert and Benilexa.

The Faculty have now also endorsed the use of Levosert and Benilexa, along with Mirena, for 5yrs for endometrial protection as part of HRT in menopause treatment.

If your Mirena is due to expire, contact the clinic to see if you are able to extend your use to 8 years.

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