PRICE LIST   April 2021

Patients under 21 years of age – There are no charges for consultations / contraception / emergency contraception / procedures / STI testing

Free Services (all ages)

Pregnancy testing and advice


Cervical smear (25-65 years)

Pregnancy and abortion counsellor

Consultation costs- age 21+

£55 annual fee for any 12-month period (includes unlimited consultations, STI testing, pre-procedure counselling and follow up for 1 year)  

This may be paid as 2 x £30.00 payments within the 12-month period

Procedure Fees (age 21+) (Plus one- off fee/annual fee)

Procedure Cost 
Copper IUD (T-Safe 380A) £107
Copper IUD Mini slimline coil £110
Mirena Hormonal IUS £204
Jaydess Hormonal IUS £174
Kyleena Hormonal IUS £182
Coil removal £10
IUS on prescription £92
Unsuccessful coil fit £30
Nexplanon fit £200
Nexplanon removal £70
Nexplanon refit £210

There is the facility to pay by instalments / standing order, but we ask £55.00 to be paid

at the time of the procedure.


Oral Emergency Contraception- age 21+ (Plus one- off fee/annual fee)

Upostelle £4.50
Ella One £17


Contraception- Injection/ Patches/Ring age 21+ (plus annual fee)
Depo-provera £9.50 per injection
Sayana Press £8.50 per injection
EVRA patches £25 (3 months’ supply)
Nuvaring £35 (3 months’ supply)
Syreniring £28 (3 months’ supply)


Contraceptive Pills- combined and progesterone only, age 21+ (plus annual fee)
Prices vary according to brand -all options available in clinic

 (subject to availability)- please ask for individual prices.

Non resident fees (No Active Social Security GY Number)

Doctor consultation £42
Nurse consultation £36
Cervical screening-Doctor £65.92
Cervical screening -Nurse £59.92
Any procedure (Coil / implant)


e.g. Mirena coil

Procedure cost + £12 + Doctor consultation 


£204 +£12+ £42

Emergency Contraception: (includes consultation fee at non resident rate; follow up pregnancy test and STI testing, ongoing contraception advice)
Doctor Upostelle £46.50

EllaOne   £59

Nurse Upostelle £40.50

EllaOne   £53