A Guide to Safe Sex for Trans Men

A Guide to Safe Sex for Trans Women

Terrence Higgins Trust HIV and Sexual Health Charity

PrEP Find out more and order PrEP- Pre Exposure Prophylaxis protection against HIV

Screening Information for Transgender People  Booklet created by Public Health Wales with information on breast, cervical and bowel cancer for transgender service users (AAA screening is not currently performed in Guernsey)

Cervical screening for trans-men and/or non-binary people – information from Jo’s Trust

Liberate Guernsey  Information and local support for all LGBTQ issues

MindLine Trans+ Staff and volunteers of MindLine Somerset & MindLine Bristol, established providers of mental health helplines, operate a specific Transgender/Non-binary helpline for the whole of the UK, in addition to their existing Mindline services. The service operates on Mondays and Fridays of each week from 8pm until midnight by Trans+ volunteers and allies. MindLine Trans+ offers emotional support to people who are Trans+, A Gender, Gender Fluid and Non-binary and anyone wanting to talk about their gender identity. The helpline is also there to offer support and information to family and friends.

Switchboard  Connection to LGBTQ support

Trans Survivors Switchboard Trans Survivors helpline open Sundays 3-5pm, support and information for trans and/or non-binary people or those who are questioning.

Safer help and support to victims of domestic abuse of any gender or sexuality.

Safer Moving On Counselling Free counselling for survivors of abusive relationships

Guernsey Women’s Refuge Out reach and place of safety for any gender or sexuality

Victim Support Emotional and practical support for victims of crime, witnesses of crime or anyone seeking help for a friend or relative who has been a victim of crime. Free, confidential service regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police or not or when it happened.