Growing up and Teen years are a time of great changes – physical, hormonal, social and psychological. Life can be tough with stress and pressure from family, school and friends. Here is a selection of links to further information about a variety of issues that may be affecting you and your family. Have a look at our Women’s Health, Men’s Health , LGBT+ pages for more specific health information.

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Where can I get more information and support locally?

SHARE Nurses Sex and Relationship Education in Guernsey
School Nurses Guernsey school nursing service for 4-18 year olds. Information on immunisations and HPV.
Action for Children General counselling and support for 16-25 year olds not involved with other agencies
Youth Commission for Guernsey and Alderney

Acne – learn more about your skin and spots
Acne Treatments
Body Odour (BO)Smelly Feet
Healthy Eating for Teens
Exercise Why is it important, what should I do and how much do I need?
Weight Are you a healthy weight? Check your BMI here, advice for losing weight and for those who are under weight

Bodyworks Leaflet More about how your body develops, fertility, contraception and STI’s

Understanding Puberty Information for Boys & Girls
Understanding Periods

Girls’ Bodies Q & A

Symptoms of Pregnancy

Boys’ Bodies Q & A

Hygiene for Boys’ Bits
Consent Information from Brook about sex and consent
Sex, Relationships and The Law
The Mix Essential support for Under 25’s

Shore a safe and anonymous place providing support for healthy sexual relationships, help to change unhealthy behaviours and reliable information to help with other’s behaviour.

The Mix – essential support for Under 25’s

Gender Dysphoria – this is not a psychiatric disorder but can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and self harming
Eating DisordersAnorexiaBulimia
AnxietyDepressionSocial AnxietyTalking about Self Harm (video)Self Harm
CAMHS find out more about the Child and Adolescent Mental Health service

The Sunflower Project Bereavement support for young people

Alcohol & Binge DrinkingAA GuernseyAl-Anon – support for families affected by someone’s drinking
Teens Guide to Stopping SmokingQuitline – support for stopping smoking locally
Drug addiction – getting help, Drug Concern Local support for anyone affected by drugs or alcohol
Why are Teens always Tired?Risk Taking and Accidents